More beats & mixes online

Wow, it has been rough week in my neighborhood!
Thursday, a man got shot in the street, something that very rarely happens in Denmark. I accidently walked by 30 seconds later, and saw him lying in a pool of blood. Fortunately the medics arrived quickly, and he survived.And this saturday night my street got closed down once again, this time due to a young group causing riots, throwing cobblestones and lighting fires.Well, I wasn't directly involved in any of these incidents, but I was a pretty close observer. It seems to me that Copenhagen is turning quicker to violence these last months. What do you think?

Allright, but what I really wanted to tell you, is that I have thrown a couple of new mixes, a couple of old tracks and a remix online. Check 'em out at my profile. And if you can keep a secret, I can inform you that my next mixtape is done, now I just have to do some post-production and get it pressed up. Look for it, it's going to bump the party!

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