Since the releaseparty

Hey there

It has been some busy weekends lately. The releaseparty at Rust was a great succes, thanks a lot to everybody for showing up. And large ups to Boom Clap Bachelors for playing a tight set that night, look out for their album coming out soon, it's HOT!
Since then I have been playing a lot of gigs, and have now realized that playing 4 nights in a row is great fun, but also very exhausting... :) After the releaseparty I was primarily spinning my records in the vicinity of Copenhagen, but also went to Jylland last week to play; cool to experience that people in Horsens is rockin' to the beats I bring.

I have been receiving much attention for my last effort, the "6 Sessions Mixtape". Thanks a lot for the appreciation, it's great to have the opportunity to give people something to enjoy, especially when the record industry acts like it does. Right about now I'm halfway into "The Tracks I Grew Up On" - disc 3 & 4, which I plan to release around christmas. I also got some other projects up my sleeve, which I will be reveal'ing when the time is right.

Next month is probably looking forward to a lot of x-mas parties, maybe next time at YOUR spot? Well, take care and let's see what comes along.

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