Summer’s ending...

Well, the summer in Copenhagen was apparently over before it even got started. Although I managed to host a Crash-party and a roof-party, in collaboration with some hard working people, during the short periods of dry weather. And big-ups to the GAM3-team who had me spinning hiphop at the Copenhagen Central Square, at this seasons last event; the GAM3 Finals.

I was also given the oppurtunity of performing alongside an incredible line-up at the Unfair
Fashion party, and close down the last regular wednesday-MWB at Vega this summer. I am still rolling with MidWeekBrakes, and I can inform you that there is a MWB Special coming up. So I would advise you to put a mark on 3rd of November, which among other things, will be the release party for my recently finished project, the "7 Sessions Mixtape". The cover is now ready, and the cd-copies will be distributed before you know it.

A call I received in the late summer days, offered me a job as a part-time teacher on the dj-course for the regional youth school, the project is called NuArt
. Building on my earlier experience as lecturer and instructor, I turned the challenge on. So from the next month on and half a year forward, I am going to educate teenagers on the basics of dj'ing and sounddesign. What a great oppurtunity to pass on my self-taught abilities to some inner city kids. :)

I expanded my balkan soundexperience further, by going record digging in Romania. This trip was great relaxation, but indeed also enlightning on the social and cultural situation in the balkans. Apart from the radio, I had a hard time finding fresh music and record stores. As a local dj put it for me: "There is no record shops here in Bucharest, down here we STEAL our music from the internet!". I proved him wrong, and brought home a bunch of old, but nearly mint vinyls, which are currently in my dj-bag.
So if you wanna shake your legs to some eastern influenced tunes, catch me at RUC Årsfest this friday, or the Egmont dorm this saturday.

Locked down
- R*

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