So... what happened in 2007?

What a year! You might have noticed, that I have been working even harder expanding my dj-business this year. It has resulted in 100 dj-gigs in Denmark & Sweden, plus 3 mixtape-releases throughout 2007, but this will only be the beginning... I have been collaborating with crews like MidWeekBrakes, Polka! & GAM3 Streetbasket, and was headhunted to play large venues like Rust & Vega Nightclub, as well as a couple of crazy weddings :)
I do also have some great news for 2008, which will be revealed within a month from now.

I am still not into doing annual lists of everything, but I would like to sum up some of the stuff, that for me stands as extrordinary during this year:

(-) The dubstep movement actually caught me in 2006, but since then this bass-style has grown BIG and continues to occupy my attention even more. I just did a count; in one year I have bought more than 150 dubstep records! I am still pretty excited on this style of music, and if it hasn't infected you yet, I will advise you to check out the strictly dubstep mixtape, I'll be putting out in the spring of 2008.

(-) Copenhagen based soundsystem/eventcrew OHOI!, established their dubstep label "Kraken Recordings", which delivered three well-anticipated and critically acclaimed 12" featuring prime tracks from the danish part of the scene. I expect more rock-solid releases from this quality imprint, including a special remix of a local dancehall legend, who some of you might know about... :)

(-) Their debut album has been delayed a couple of times already, and is now more anticipated than ever: the Boom Clap Bachelors are finally released their album on danish chill-out label Music For Dreams. I have been repping different versions of this album since the summer of 2006, but I have just received the finished promo copy, and expect it to blow up very soon.

(-) Some of the best parties in 2007 where thrown by the infamous Polka! crew. They resided all over Copenhagen, and held quality events featuring some of the local dj-stars; playing funk, soul & worldly electronics. This fall they booked me to spin fresh balkan at Polka! part 5, alongside Soulsystemet & Alberta In Love @ Global near Saint Hans Square in center of multiethnic Nørrebro quarter.

(-) This
electronic balkan scene I have been exploring in depth during the year, is an excuisite form of party music. Unknown to the massive, but will anyway make your feet move, due to the incredibly catchy melodies. For me; there is also something very special about the harmonies, which tells a lot of balkan history.

Welcome 2008, hope to see you there.

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