So... What happened in 2008?

I didn't think it was possible for me to do at this time, but I broke last years record, and played 110 dj-gigs throughout 2008! A lot of these gigs were at usual clubs and bars in Copenhagen like Stengade30, Ideal Bar, Saxons etc., but I also held parties down strong at larger venues like Docken, Kødboderne 18, M/S Stubnitz, Kupé, Nakkefestival and the Copenhagen Central Square. Add to that 3 mixtape-releases and more than 40 hours of radioshow this year, and you a have a pretty busy dj.

I am not doing an annual list, but I would like to give credit where it is due, so here are some crews and events that stands out for me:

(-) The Copenhagen party massive has REALLY been picking up on the dubstep vibe lately, to my great anticipation. A lot of artist and dj's are pushing the sound, and if this sound hasn't infected you yet, I will advise you to check out my dubstep mixtape series, links available on my profile.

(-) OHOI! has once again this year delivered rock solid 12"-releases on their dubstep imprint Kraken Recordings, as well as quality bookings from top-a-top UK artist. I played dubstep sets for packed dancefloors at their party, and alongside the OHOI!-dj's at various venues.

(-) New bassboys on the block Wobble Squad arranged and promoted some nasty events this year, especially 'Nørrebro Rules' and the 'Dubplate Studio Support Party' were off the hook! I spinned vinyl and dubplates at both events, which drawed more than 500 people each.

(-) Some young firesouls decided to put work into making the danish edition of Pecha Kucha organised and widely promoted. This led to me spinning vinyls at their summerparty at Docken and perform in collaboration with the author Johan Knattrup, this fall at Brorsons Church.

(-) As natural progression against playing even more upfront tunes, I started getting dubplates and specials cutted for my liveshows. This has really enhanced my oppurtunities about the music I select. Unfortunately that service is not yet available in Denmark, but some cool underground fellows decided to start up a cutting room, which hopefully will be ready soon!

Welcome 2009, hope to see you there.

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