Mr. Revealomaniac - Vintage Beehive II

We are going back to the mid-nineties raves with plenty speed garage, and a few exceptions; a steppers introtune, a garage classic from that same era, a similar track from the breakbeat era and to end of, a classic house anthem that still holds one of the best vocal samplings ever. Mixed live in one take on four turntables and two mixers, playing strictly vinyl and working an FX unit on the side.

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Mr. Revealomaniac - Vintage Beehive II
01 Marga – The Right Road (Melodica Cut)
02 KMA Productions - Cape Fear
03 Puff Daddy - All About The Benjamins (Armand's Gangsta Mental Mix)
04 Todd Terry - Something Goin' On (Loop Da Loop Uptown Mix)
05 Antonio - Bad Funk (Dem 2's Breakbeat Mix)
06 G.O.D. Limited - Watch Ya Bass Bins
07 D.O.N.S. - Pump Up The Jam (Is There Speed In Da Garage?)
08 Groove Elastic - Vibe 1 (Rough Mix)
09 Gisele Jackson & K.O.T. - Happy Feelings (Johan S Speedy Dub)
10 Todd Edwards - Saved My Life
11 Da Hool - Meet Her At The Loveparade (Dextrous Mix)
12 Knight Rippers - Just The One I Need
13 Cece Peniston - Somebody Else's Guy (Tuff Jam's Classic Garage Mix)
14 Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand's Just Da Funk Dub)
15 Les Indiscretes - Without You
16 Olive - You're Not Alone (Arftul Dodger RMX)
17 Groove Elastic - Vibe 2 (Rock Bottom Mix)
18 Celetia - Rewind (Rob Bee RMX)
19 Huff & Herb - Feeling Good (Epic Mix)

playing time: 79:50

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