Selected Vinyls mixtapes by Mr. Revealomaniac

After thousands of plays and more than 500 download of each of the first "Selected Vinyls" mixtape (and more than 1500 downloads on the first one, thanks to FACT Mag), I would like to recap on this mixtape series. I recorded these as a tribute to the dark UKG kingpins, and proto-dubstep pioneers El-B & Steve Gurley - to give their exquisite work with sharp beats and tight basslines a time to shine once again, since these tracks mainly rests on limited vinyl releases from and around the millenium. It now seems clear to me that there still are a large interest in these guys' timeless productions, and my hope is that the rarity and gravity of these vinyls will stay intact. These guys have laid the foundation for the darker UK garage sound; what later became dubstep, as outlined by Tempa/Ammunition when they released their "Roots of Dubstep" compilation, in this cut out from their poster:

But now without further ado, here is the links for the three mixtape series:

Download Steve Gurley - Selected Vinyls
Stream Steve Gurley - Selected Vinyls

Download El-B - Selected Vinyls part 1
Stream El-B - Selected Vinyls part 1

Download El-B - Selected Vinyls part 2
Stream El-B - Selected Vinyls part 2

All mixtapes are around 80 minutes and fits a compact disc

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