What I'm going for this spring

If you have been watching my bulletins, you might have noticed that I am spending even more time rocking dancefloors around Copenhagen. I'm currently holding residencies at Café Bopa and Bullit Club. Besides that I'm getting regular gigs at Rust and Saxons, as well as occasional jobs at various study- and dormparties. This weekend I had my wedding-dj debut, where I played a pile of jazzy tunes flavoured with a lot of classics, for a young and openminded crowd. It was actually quite fun, I hope to get an oppurtunity like that again... Next month I'm going out of town to Göteborg and Roskilde (check the calendar on my profile), for two exciting events, which themes will be revealed when time comes.

As far as keeping up the spirit for spinning records, one need to discover new (as in old) incredible music and unearth more fresh records, to spin for the crowd. The last couple of months I have been overwhealmed by genres as balkan beat & afro-funk, which of course have influenced my liveshows, and will continue to set its mark on my future projects. And I experience that my enthusiasm for this type of music, affects and inspire the people present when I perform live.

Since x-mas I have brought you a couple of mixtapes, you can find the last one here. I have assigned the next weeks to finish up my current project; the "7 Sessions Mixtape", which of course will follow up on the "6 Sessions Mixtape" that was released fall 2006. Hope to see your support when it drops :)

If you have been in Copenhagen, you might have realized that summer is about to come. Together with some interesting people, I am planning on throwing a couple of parties when the holiday kicks in. So if you're interested in getting me to play abroad, please approach well enough time before.

Best regards, enjoy life

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