Things are rolling... Fast, I'm telling ya!

As I mentioned in a comment to my last blog, I am now also a resident dj at MidWeekBrakes @ Rust on a monthly basis. I played there yesterday, and people were really getting down to a lot of the scandinavian hiphop I'd brought.

Last weekend I went to Göteborg to play a couple of gigs and to buy
this mixer. I arrived friday by train and got picked up by my man Martin (Big ups for a lovely weekend!), who drove me to his place. We played the first set at the Club Lounge(s) that night, which really just was a system check and warm-up for the next :)
Because after a great saturday of sunshine, icecream & frisbee'ing, we went downtown to prepare our performance. Seldom seen; the club was already packed by 500+ people at midnight! Together we played a blockrocking blend of partyhiphop, reggae, mash-ups & balkan beat, and I must say everything worked out really well that night. Beautiful, friendly people in a classy club, who loves the music you spin for them. Does it get any better?

Well apparently it does, I just got a call this morning offering me a clothing deal, here in the immediate future. I've turned the deal on, and will make it official as soon as everything is sorted out.

Signed & secured
- R*

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