B-ball, fire and other stuff

Damn. I just discovered that the mwb venue, Rust caught on fire last night. They are forced to close down Rust tonight, but I hope they manage to find another venue to hold this nights party... (update: they did, it's going down @ Culture Box tonight) It's unfortunate since almost every wednesday down there is a smash. Just last week I played a slamming set with my dj-partner in crime; Miksmads. We started out after Oxy Cottontails liveshow, and kept the club open for almost an hour later than the usual closing time, due to the still large crowd at 5 o'clock.

Last week I went on tour in Denmark with the GAM3 Crew, read the blog at streetgam3.dk. It was a week full of street related events; especially b-ball, b-boy'ing & dj'ing. GAM3 had gathered an incredible team for this task. In collaboration with the streetdancers from Flow Dance Academy & the b-boys from 2TheBeat, me and Agent Collect became a tag-team of great dimensions, just check here:


On the advertise tip; remember the Gongong movement and join the party, this friday the 22nd @ Zum Biergarten, just next to Palads cinema in Copenhagen.

Lookin' good

edit: Another 'Damn!': It is unfortunately confirmed, that danish female reggae-talent, Natasja, was involved in a tragic car accident, which took the life from her. She was a great inspiration for a lot of people. My condolences to her family and friends.

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